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You have everything you may need

We like to BIND, so ... - Plenty of capacity - Flexible opening hours
  • Free computer use
  • Sheet replacement, error correction options
  • Accurate delivery
  • Free phone, laptop, tablet charging (220V, USB)
  • Additional placement of missed sheets
  • Free stapling
  • Free sheet cutting
  • High performance color printers
  • High performance black and white printer
  • Windows, OS X operating systems
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Microsoft Excel,…)
  • File formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, CDR, ...
  • Open Office word processing (Open Office)
  • Spiraling (plastic, metal spiral)
  • CD / DVD burning
  • We have a formal requirement for dissertations
  • Modern, fast computers
  • We guarantee printing and binding, so…
  • … You can still complain after leaving the box office
  • Promotions, discounts
  • We also improve dissertations and diploma theses done elsewhere
  • Attachment / Drawing / Map Carrying Case
  • Black imitation leather cover
  • Beautiful Gold Foil (Thesis Binding Examples HERE)
  • Single beautiful font in several sizes
  • Spine (to the top of the book) gilding
  • Diploma binding within 1 hour, same day, v. the next day
  • Home delivery nationwide
  • Simplified order form


Szakdolgozatkotes Diplomamunkakotes Dicsosegfal 376x276

Our speed - in addition to reliability and quality - is one of our main virtues, as we print and bind your dissertation and diploma work ourselves on site.
This can mean a preparation time of up to a few minutes.

If you want to be sure then, check in to our contact details below, so you can shorten your binding time by up to a few minutes.

If it is more convenient to deliver it to your home, - nationwide - we can also deliver the completed dissertation, your diploma binding, by post.

Why choose this
fast thesis binding system?

Because it is the strongest, safest, most elegant, most flexible,
most economical fast thesis binding system!

Egy merőben új, szabadalommal védett technológia, ahol az elő- és hátlap kötéséhez
különálló, és feliratozható, aranyozható fémgerincet alkalmazunk.


quick thesis binding system:
because of the special design of the metal ridge, the bond is extremely strong, stable and reliable.


the safest

quick thesis binding system:
it can only be disassembled using a special tool.


most elegant

quick thesis binding system
the outer walls of the spine never deform, the bond is always elegant and perfect. Specially trained delimiters in the spine always protect the dissertation from moving along its length.


most flexible

quick thesis binding system: it can be detached at any time before delivery, or only a single element, the spine, can be reattached to the cover and back.


most economical

quick thesis binding system: If we make a mistake on the front panel or spine during hot embossing, only this single element needs to be replaced, so our losses can be minimized!

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